8000 km

Don`t feel your tongue
Don`t see your eyes
Don`t touch your hands and your heart
So I`m using your absence to deal with nothing but
How can you stay away from me?
I think what I need right now is a straight facer Sir
To find the way back to reality

And all the girls keep on dancing around
Seductive & smooth & so beautiful for him
I`d better leave this place my heart`s beating
Cause it just does not belong to your cold country
Full of contradiction and wondrous impression

I guess all you know is how to stop and go
I guess you never turn around to see what you`re dragging
Well I was a sweet thing to be dragged
And maybe I`m lost in something
Likely you`re doing fine
Maybe I was just all the other girls that weren`t there at the time

© Text: Ellen Klinghammer
[von der CD "Demo"]