Empty Of You / Empty Of Me

I wonder why why she did not leave
‘cuz too many of the things that he gave her
Where reasons to do so
Good reasons to go
I wonder why why he did not ask
Guess all the things he talked of where meant
Just for the moments quite perfect
Yes, perfect with her

And they don’t forget
No they don’t forget
Don’t use names and regret
But they don’t forget

Strange ideas of how it could be
He said: “Strange and deep – it gets too crazy…”
They know not what to do
So how do they go-go from this to that?
The beauty, the tragedy, terribly sad
They don’t know the way and hang out in the trees
And both try to escape from the pain underneath
And what keeps the fire burnin’ is the worst:
They’re caught inside the question
Whether they are blessed or simply cursed

And they…

“Do you come here to raise the dead?
Let it be, girl, the timing is bad
Though I sometimes feel like like you do
We don’t work and no, we don’t get through…”

“Do you come here to tell me that?
Mine is yours and yours is dead?
Our swim in a bowl becomes a swim in a sea
It’s empty of you and empty of me…
Empty of me, yeah
Empty of me”

© Text: Ellen Klinghammer
[von der CD "Holly's Songs"]