Lover lover, yes, indeed, a true romance now
Wherever he goes everything is dancing
And maybe I offer him another idea
So that we can fly
Maybe I’ll find myself up in that sky and looking down
And I’m aware that I’m safe

So what was going on all the time?
All these years?
Sick of that one week ‘cause it all just seems to repeat
But take that one day and it’s all worth it
‘cause I know we’re offered a lot of good ideas
And we sit together still
Finding a brand new love in every kiss
And maybe this, this time we’ll see that we are safe

Don’t you let me beg again
And don’t you let me be that side of me again
‘cause all I wanted was to play

Lover lover, yes, indeed, a true romance – SHIT!
Wherever we go everything falls apart
I know that I can’t afford another idea
‘cause I think you just lie a lot
I’m better off and find a new way
But look I am still a mess ‘cause we weren’t safe
We were not safe
We were not safe
Although you said so

© Text: Ellen Klinghammer
[von der CD "Holly's Songs"]