You want heat up and then you step back
I`m thrown out of your house I`d better pull back
Might get an idea...ha!
Of what I should use next and catch all my fears
Wake me if it`s pretty
Don`t tell if it`s a mess
I`m gonna get angry about it anyway
And if you swallow me whole...

Oh give me all that energy oh don`t drain my mind
Strange theatres are rising on the inside
Of what might appear next
I don`t wanna know that I don`t wanna see
You`re`re giving me all of four extreme thoughts
No matter what it costs, no matter what it does to me
And if you swallow me whole

This ain`t a pleasure though everything is swingin
I need some leisure, it`s a joke

I`m thinkin about you
I`m thinkin about you
Thinkin about you
I`m thinkin about you
Oh and I simply don`t want to

And the little pretty baby that`s inside of your heart needs to be turned away yeah turn away she`s turnin around
And in the middle there`s a riddle that you won´t ever solve
There you can stop

© Text: Ellen Klinghammer
[von der CD "Demo"]