Water and Cigarettes

Water Water & cigarettes instead of honey and milk
Water & cigarettes I can let it flow
And I`m washed by the rain

But I can`t tell you what was going on
I can`t tell you what I Felt
I can`t tell you what was going on
Yesterday is lying on me like a big heavy stone

By the way I slide into the car and dream
Of your pictures and movements I could give you some cans
I sink into deep blue when I melt in your sun
Move into your storey that you even don`t know
But you give it its sense

But I can`t tell you...

And why do I always lose my strength and I search for reasons
That bring myself down and I shove you into the light of what`s gone
A long time ago

© Text: Ellen Klinghammer
[von der CD "Demo"]